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Earn 1.25 CEUs and be trained in the following four courses: Introduction to OMT & Assessment, Tongue Tips: An OMT Program for Ages 8+, Tiny Tongue Tips: An Early Intervention Program for 3-6, and Thumbs Up!: A 30 Day Oral Habit Elimination Program at your own pace! 

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Goes LIVE May 1, 2024

Our Simon Says Symposium is BACK! Get access to 15 presentations (and 1.70 CEUs!)  by some of the largest professionals  in the myofunctional sphere including Linda D'Onofrio, Patrick McKeown, Emily Homer, Char Boshart, and more! 

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July 24th - 26tH, 2024

Simon Says is so much more than just a training program, we are a COMMUNITY! The Simon Says Live Conference offers a 3-day myofunctional training and certification in 3 myofunctional programs: Tongue Tips, Tiny Tongue Tips, and Thumbs Up! 
So.. What's Changing for Simon Says in 2024?
After building an AMAZING community of SLPs, we've heard your feedback and want to make Simon Says FOR SLPS, BY SLPs! 

We know attending live, three day seminars can be taxing so we're making a few changes to better help our community get what they need, when they need it. Below are the changes coming to our membership! 


Can't attend an in-person course? That's okay! We now will be offering ONLINE TRAINING that is identical to Jennifer's Simon Says Seminar!  Whether you want to take one course, all courses, or our hybrid course, the option is yours! 

Annual Simon Says Conference

Simon Says is now offering a in-person three day conference being hosted in July 2024! You can now be certified in-person, online, or a mix of both! 

Annual Memberships

Annual Memberships are now offered with the purchase of any training or certification!  


Simon Says Symposium
Pre-Register Now! 
Goes Live May 1, 2024
1.70 CEUS

  • 1.70 Hours Total (15 pre-recorded presentations to watch anytime)
  •  Access to breathing experts, feeding & swallowing experts, pediatric dentists, orthodontists, TOTs specialists and many more!
  • Access to three up and coming products in the myofunctional sphere: Tongueometer, REMplenish, and Simple Practice
  • Access to online Simon Says community of like-minded SLPs

Early Registration Special

In-person three day certification
July 2024
1.25 CEUs
  • Master the identification, assessment and diagnosis of myofunctional disorders
  • Learn the implementation of myofunctional therapy using evidence based practice
  • Instructions on treatment strategies appropriate for clients with orofacial myofunctional disorders
  • Get trained & certified in the three Simon Says OMT Programs: Tongue Tips: An OMT Program for 8+, Tiny Tongue Tips: An Early Intervention OMT Program, and Thumbs Up!: A 30 Day Oral Habit Elimination Program.
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So, What Makes Simon Says Different?
Have you been seeing relapse in your caseload and are unsure how to fix it?

Have you been trained in myofunctional therapy but don't feel like you received the tools needed to actually implement it into your practice?

Have you wanted to be trained in myofunctional therapy but the seminars have been too expensive or far away?

Have you heard about myofunctional therapy but are unsure if you'd like to pursue this field or if it's right for your caseload?

Have you wanted to create an interdisciplinary team but don't know where to start or how to contact Orthodontists, ENTs, Dentists, Pediatricians...?

Have you wanted to start your own practice but don't know how to start or what to do?

Simon Says is a COMMUNITY to help motivate & inspire you to help all of your clients needs...
The Programs...

Tongue Tips: An Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy Program

This program is designed to retrain the muscles of the face and tongue for proper posture within the mouth. It works to correct the swallowing motion and any speech sound errors that have been identified. This program incorporates a variety of exercises that stimulate different muscles that are associated with a tongue thrust. Each exercise is accompanied by an icon that explains which muscle group you will be working on. 
During each session your speech therapist will work with you to ensure you are completing each exercise correctly. These exercises are proven to eliminate tongue thrusts, correct speech articulation errors ,improve overall health, and increase the self-confidence of our patients. With consistent commitment to this program, you will achieve success!

Thumbs Up!: A 30 Day Thumb Sucking Elimination Program

THUMBS UP! is an oral habit elimination program that incorporates behavioral modification and positive reinforcement to break the habit and reverse the negative effects of thumb/finger sucking (tongue/teeth positioning, swallowing problems, speech sound errors).
This fun 30-Day program empowers a child and motivates them to accomplish their goal of eliminating sucking. With just a little hard work and a few rewards along the way, this program has PROVEN to be effective and the best part...
No Harsh or Painful Appliances are used! 

Tiny Tongue Tips: An Early Intervention Myofunctional Therapy Program

This play-based program focuses on teaching children proper oral and facial postures at rest, during speech, and while swallowing. It aims to reestablish nasal breathing which has been linked to better overall health. With proper oral and facial postures, problematic symptoms - such as chewing/ swallowing difficulties, speech sound errors, snoring/ sleep apnea, and persistent oral habits - become easier to treat. 

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Think Myofunctional Therapy Doesn't Work? Think Again!
Your Roadmap to Success in 2023 

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In 2020, ASHA's Certification Standards for CCC's CHANGED!

Effective January 1, 2020 ASHA has announced that "Swallowing/feeding, including (a) structure and function of OROFACIAL MYOLOGY and (b) oral, pharyngeal, laryngeal, pulmonary, esophageal, gastrointestinal, and related functions across the life span" is now mandatory in ALL SLP Core Competency Certification Standards

 So, What Does This Mean?

This means that ALL SLPs are REQUIRED to have knowledge of myofunctional disorders & therapy to maintain their Core Compentency Certification! 
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Get Certified INSTANTLY in DAYS  and given all of the tools you need to implement myofunctional therapy! 
You also receive1.25 CEUs! 

Introduction to a Revolutionary Field 

We'll introduce the myofunctional field, how to treat OMT disorders, and why SLP's the best qualified to provide this treatment. In addition, learn how to identify, assess, evaluate, and treat myofunctional disorders. You even receive THREE custom evaluations focused on myofunctional disorders! 

Become Certified to Provide Simon Says Myofunctional Programs

Whether you're looking for a cookbook to follow step by step, or simply a resource to aid your therapy, we've got you covered! By being certified, you will now be able to provide Tongue Tips, Thumbs Up!n and Tiny Tongue Tips! 

Business & Implementation Support

Learning how to identify myofunctional disorders and how to use myofunctional therapy programs is great... but what do you do after the training is over? We'll teach you step by step how to create an online presence, use electronic medical records, and how to streamline the booking process of your clients to make your life easier! 
Here's What Our Members Are Saying

"Simon Says is doing something amazing for SLPs. I feel like this is the most life changing thing I've ever done for my career other than graduate school. The idea that you have the Inner Circle Portal for us to access is so appreciated because often I leave seminars and have questions and don't know where to turn so I for what I've learned/can't put it into practice. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Jody Sastry
"I came away with a wealth of information, strategies, and materials to begin using the very next day with my clients. The ongoing support of the Inner Circle meetings keep me focused on building my practice. As the Inner Circle members keep moving forward in creating and achieving their own goals, I am inspired to do the same with mine. Steps I have wanted to take for years have been achieved in weeks with the support of the Simon Says staff and Inner Circle team beside me."
Patti Bottino-Bravo
I had a 77 YO lady contact me for an evaluation for dysphagia. Just completed the evaluation and discovered she has a tongue tie and tongue thrust. She was elated to have an answer. She said the only answer she has ever been given has been she has a large tongue. This lady has difficulty swallowing, slight articulation errors that she is very aware of, had braces twice, and is a mouth breather. I left standing a little taller! Jennifer, you and your training are phenomenal! Thank you!
Ashleigh Guffey
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